Only season tickets are sold for concerts  
Prices for the 2019-2020 season remain as last year:

Adults - $40 
Families - $90 
Students - $25

 Single tickets for Belle Fourche concerts are sold for $10.00 each at the door to anyone living  more than 75 miles from Belle Fourche.  This is designed to accommodate visiting guests.

      Also in Belle Fourche
          Larry Klipp:  
605-892-2505 or 703-994-5244

 Wayne Lindstad: 
605-723-1311 or 541-687-2160

      Darlene Swartz: 605-722-5482  


Reciprocity Agreement
Along with the five local shows this year, your ticket also entitles you to attend concerts in Hot Springs and Newcastle, free of additional charge, thanks to our reciprocity agreement with those concert groups.  Rapid City Concert Association requires a $15 fee, payable at the Civic Center, no reservations required.  Schedules for these venues are listed on your local concert ticket.